A Call to Orange {fire SU Greg Robinson mid-season}

Robinson Fires Offensive Coordinator for the Orange, Hires Billy Fuccillo

Move over Browning here comes the big guns, Robinson has made a surprise move and hired Billy Fuccillo to shake up the orange machines reign of offensive terror. When asked how this change would create more wins for the orange Robinson simply said “It is going to be huge.”

After answering “it is going to be huge” to every question asked of him Robinson finally caved in and elaborated, “Billy is selling SUVs off his lot like hotcakes and in a recession, there is nothing this guy can’t do.” When asked if Coach Robinson was making a figurative comparison to his team being in a recession (though stopped short of drawing the obvious comparison, the Great Depression) Robison digressed again to “its going to be huge.”

Sources have leaked parts of Fuccillo’s contract which includes Fuccillo highlighting new Hyuandi deals during halftime, timeouts and tv breaks. Another caveat to his contract stipulates that each game must result in at least 20 car sales or be compensated by the SU Athletic Department.

Coach Robinson Caught Disguised as Otto to Feel Better About Himself

In an unusual turn of events, Otto was seen slowly meandering around campus incapacitated giving students high fives. When approached and later chased down by local SU officers it was discovered that Coach Greg Robinson was under the outfit. “His drunk running was still better then what I’ve seen from our offense,” a local su security official revealed.

Robinson explained his antics and justified what he did by saying “I just wanted to feel like people liked me. I like how I feel when I’m under that mask, people just see me as the goofy and aloof guy I am, and not as a Coach of the worst football team in the country.”

No comment was available for the police report which cited Robinson was wearing orange pantyhose and high heels.